Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Friday, August 15, 2014

May We Introduce......

Ezra Faith Chapman
Born on August 13, 2014
6lbs 14oz

That's right folks!  You are not seeing things!  Our journey to Ezra has led us to Ezra!

As most of you know we were home study approved at the beginning of June and were available to be matched with a birth mom.  Well, on August 6th, we received a call from our case worker saying a birth mom had seen our family profile book and wanted to meet us!  We got to meet her and talk together on Tuesday, August 12th.  Our meeting went really well!  We all felt comfortable with each other and decided it was a good fit and that we would move forward with an adoption plan.  Her baby girl was due on August 22nd.  Well, the next morning at 8am, we got a call from our case worker saying birth mom had gone into labor overnight and baby girl was born at 4am on the 13th!  We got to see her later that same day and got to spend more time with her at the hospital the next day as well.  Today we went to the hospital, signed all of the paperwork and officially brought home our baby girl!!!

Our family is over the moon in love with this sweet one!  We are so blessed and so thankful for this sweet little gift.  Thank you all for your love, encouragement and support along our journey to Ezra Faith!!


  1. Just perfect! I love that I can still remember like yesterday your decision to move forward with your adoption.....what a journey of endurance, patience, longing and hope!! I need to meet her someday and hopefully soon. Enjoy this side of the journey and just as you all pursued and chose her out of love to be your daughter(with God's sovereign hand of course), God would sweetly bring you into greater revelation of his pursuit and great depth of love he ordained in making us his son's and daughters...

  2. Oh it didn't post my orig comment - CONGRATS!!! We adopted Maizey (also AA) last Sept, her birthday is Aug 8! SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!! Love, Cherie xx

  3. What amazing and exciting news. Little Ezra is beautiful and blessed. We are so very happy for you all. Now your journey will take you on a new road filled with many more opportunities to trust God. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!