Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Monday, July 1, 2013

That Four Letter Word....

WAIT!  Oh how I hate that word!  If anything has shown me just how impatient I can be, it is this adoption journey.  Now, I can wait patiently in a long line at Walmart or patiently save my money for something over a long period of time, but I think only because I am actively doing something.  However, when I have to just sit patiently and wait, oh man how I squirm!  My brain goes 100 miles an hour just trying to come up with a solution on how to bring the situation to a quicker close.  Sometimes the answer though is just learning to wait.  Learning to have peace in the ups and downs of the process.

We have once again hit a little snag in our process and are waiting for the word from the Thai government to see if we can continue in our process or not.  I gotta admit, it's hard.  It's been three weeks so far, and our agency is not sure when they will have an answer for us to proceed.

If you think of us, could you please be praying for us?  We are trying to discern what are closed doors, what are just hiccups along the way, and what makes the most sense for our family.

The journey of adoption is not an easy one, but it is one filled with hope and joy!  It is not for everyone, but adoption is something that is on our hearts for our family.  We know we are right where we are suppose to be!  And we know that a precious little girl is at the end of this journey.  That makes every little issue completely and totally worth it!  We will fight, persevere, and wait patiently for a little girl who already fills our hearts.  Soon, she will fill our home as well!

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