Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Home Study Approved!!!

That's right folks!  We are officially home study approved!!  Our home study agency just let us know that they got the last of our background checks back and were able to complete our home study and turn it in to our adoption agency!

Slowly, slowly we are creeping forward in this process!  Our next step is to do a home study update, so that all of our info is current with our move to South Carolina.  Then we've got our Dossier to work on, which is the paperwork that will go over to Thailand.  That should take place in July.  Once our Dossier is in to our adoption agency, we are put on the waiting list to be matched!  It gives me butterflies to think we are that close to the waiting list!!  It's getting real!  :-D

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