Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Exciting Changes!

Wow, things can change so quickly!  Since our last post a month ago, we had some pretty exciting news for our family!  Daniel was offered a position at Google, and this means super amazing things for our family!!

First of all, we will be moving our family once again, but this time for good.  Google is relocating our family to South Carolina!!  Goodbye snow, hello ocean!!  :-D  We are very excited about moving to the south!

Another big thing this means for our family, but specifically for our adoption of Ezra, is this.  We have been praying since we made the decision to adopt, that God would provide the money needed.  We had NO idea where it would come from.  Well, again and again we have seen Him provide!!  Unbelievable stories, money provided at the very moment it was needed!  We have seen His hand and His favor on our adoption from the start!  Once again, we are here to testify and say that the Lord provides!  Because of this new job for Daniel, from this point on in our adoption, we will have ALL of the money we will need for our Dossier, our Country Fee, our Travel, everything!!  We are overwhelmed by His blessings!!

Plus, it gets even better you guys!  Google has an adoption fund, where after your adoption is completed, they refund some of your adoption costs!!  AND, as if all of that wasn't enough, when we are ready to travel to get Ezra and bring her home, Google will give Daniel Adoption Leave for up to 7 weeks at 100% of his normal pay!!!!  We are completely undone by how God is moving on our behalf and on behalf of a precious little girl!

So, from this point on, any posts that you see about our adoption are simply going to be updates on our progress!  Please let me just say though, we are eternally grateful for each and every one of you that gave to our adoption and helped us along the first part of this journey!  We would not have made it to this point without your generosity and love!!

That being said, we are going to celebrate by cutting our Puzzle Fundraiser short.  We are still going to do the puzzle, but now it will be more of a memorial for us of the first part of our journey.  We are going to put the names of each and every one of you who ever gave even a dollar to help us!  Every one of your names will be hanging in Ezra's room for us to look at and remember you precious, wonderful friends and family that mean the world to us!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming along side us throughout this journey and for celebrating the things yet to come with us!

On a practical note, we are hoping to finish our Home Study here in Colorado before we move, so we can be Home Study approved.  Then, all we would need to do after moving is a quick Home Study update, and then get our International Paperwork in as usual.  We are praying that our background info comes back quickly from the state of Colorado, so we can finish all of our interviews before the end of May when our move will take place.  We'll keep you posted on how all of that is progressing. :-)

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