Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Rollercoaster

Honestly, that's what this journey feels like.  Good news!  Yay!  Set back. Bummer.  Shortened time frame! Yay!  Another set back.  You get the picture.

We were so excited to hear that our matching time frame may be shorter then expected, and we rushed to complete all of our Home Study paperwork to get it in as soon as possible.  All we have left to do for our Home Study is our medical exams, then we can turn in all of our paperwork!  Yay!!  However, we found out today that the state of Colorado is updating their system for background checks.  This has put them extremely behind, and the turn around for background checks is now 14-15 weeks.  What this means for us is that our background check for Colorado won't get back to our agency for another 8-9 weeks.  We can't proceed with interviews until that is back, which means we won't be Home Study approved for another three months.

Honestly, this delay was hard to take.  However, I know that God is fully in control.  I know that every delay, as well as every advancement, is taking us to the perfect little girl for our family.  This is all a part of our journey.  This delay will also give us more time to collect the money we still need for our Dossier and Immigration paperwork.  Blessings in disguise. :-)

So here's an update on the latest FUNdraiser we have going!  We are currently collecting names for the back of an adorable puzzle we are going to put together and hang in Ezra room.  For every $2 donation toward our adoption, your name goes on the back of one puzzle piece.  The puzzle is a 1000 piece puzzle, and we currently have 220 names to put on the back!!  I can't wait to see it all put together!  There's still time to get your name on some puzzle pieces, so if you were wanting in on this one, you still can!

There are no words to express how much we appreciate each and every one of you.  From financial help, to prayers prayed on our behalf, to emails, to notes on Facebook, to questions when you see us, you all are SUCH an encouragement to us!  This journey is made so much easier with you.  Thank you for all that you are, have done, and are doing to help us bring Ezra home.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun News!

Late last week, we received an update from our adoption agency.  They had been saying that once our paperwork was turned in and we were put on the waiting list to get matched, it would take up to 18 months to receive a referral.  As of this last update however, the wait time to receive a referral is now about 12 months!!!  This is SUCH good news!!  It means that by spring time next year, we should have a picture of our little girl!!

Our paperwork is going well.  We just have a couple of things left, and by next week, we should be able to turn in all of our Home Study paperwork!  We are SO close to being Home Study approved!

We are also still selling puzzle pieces, so if you are wanting to get in on that, you still can!  So far we have 20 out of 1000 pieces with names on them.  We really want to see all 1000 with names on the back!  Just a reminder, for every $2 donation toward our adoption, your name will go on the back of one puzzle piece.  Would you consider putting your name on this puzzle?  We really don't care if you give $2 or $100!  We just want to get as many of your names on the back of this puzzle as possible!  You all have meant SO much to us through this process.  This is a sort of memorial that will help us and Ezra to remember every one of you forever.

Lastly, I would like to leave you all with the following trailer.  This is a documentary that is being made on all of the orphans around the world who are stuck in orphanages.  At the beginning of the clip, you will hear them say that a normal international adoption takes about 3 years and costs about $28,000.  This is totally accurate.  That is just about what our adoption will look like.  Every child deserves a home and a family.  We are so thankful to be able to do that for one very special little girl.  Click on the following link to see the trailer for "Stuck".