Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Thursday, January 24, 2013

For the Love of Ezra

We are officially half way through all of the paperwork and making good progress on the other half!  We're hoping to have all of the paperwork and appointments done by the middle of February, so we can turn it in, have our last couple of interviews, and then be home study approved!  We've also begun the paperwork that will be sent in our Dossier to Thailand once our Home Study has been finished.  Once all of our Home Study and Dossier paperwork has been submitted to our agency, we will be placed on the list to receive our daughter's referral!  Man does that thought make it real!

But first, as we are coming down to the finalization of all of the paperwork, we are looking at the last of our fees needed for phase one.  In the next few months, we will need about $4,000.  Then, we will have a bit of a break in fees while we are on the waiting list to be matched.  The next chunk in fees won't be due until we receive Ezra's referral, which will be 12 to 18 months from now.

So, once again, we will be doing an adorable fundraiser idea!  I have seen a few adoptive families do this one and thought it was such a great idea!  It will work as follows  ~  The picture you see below is a puzzle we will be putting together and hanging in Ezra's room.  This puzzle has 1000 pieces.  For every $2 donation, your name (or your family's name) will be written on the back of a puzzle piece.  So for instance, if you gave $10 for Ezra, we would put your name on the back of 5 puzzle pieces.  Once all of the pieces have been claimed, we will put the puzzle together, frame it, and hang it in Ezra's room.  This will be something she can keep forever, and at any time she will be able to see all of the names of the people who loved her before they even knew her and helped to bring her home.

If you would like to get your name on some puzzle pieces, simply click on the "Donate" button listed on the right of our blog or send a check to the address listed.  Be sure to indicate how many pieces you are claiming.  I am so excited to see all of the names that will make their own puzzle on the back of this one!

Thank you all again and again for your love and support of our family!!  This is a process that we truly and honestly couldn't do without you.  We value each and every one of you more then we could ever say.  You are now and forever embedded in our hearts.