Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Saturday, November 24, 2012

We Are Thankful For You

We would like to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for overwhelming us with love and support!  We are completely undone by you all!  We knew going in to this process that we had a lot of friends and family that love us, but the over and above way you all have showered us with love is nothing we could have ever even imagined!!

Our little Ezra is so blessed and loved, and she doesn't even know how much yet!  A friend of mine commented recently on how fun it is that they get to feel a part of the process to bring her home, and how much more it is going to mean when they see us bring her home.  I love that!!  That is a community my friends!!  That is people in each others lives, invested in each other, caring for others, and walking the journey along side another!  That has to be my favorite part of this whole process!  That is one of the main reasons we started this blog.  We really wanted all of you to be able to come along this journey with us and be a part of it.

Our hearts are so full when we think about each and every one of you.  During this Thanksgiving week, you all are what we are the most thankful for.  We wish we could hug and thank each and every one of you in person, but since that is not possible, please let us say thank you this way.  Thank you for taking time, love and resources and pouring them into our family.  Thank you for caring so much about us and mostly about a little girl that none of us have even met yet.  We cannot wait to be able to tell her the story of how she came home, and about all of the people who loved her so very much.

In conclusion, we have officially ended our States and Countries Game!  It was such a blast!  And the official winning region of our game, representing the most states is.............The Central United States!!!!  It was a SUPER close battle though!  The final stats are as follows:

Kansas  -  Janet Z. and Jenni E.
New York  -  Emily L.
Kentucky  -  Micheal L.
Connecticut  -  Reagan H.
Minnesota  -  Tish Y.
Louisiana  -  Dianna G.
Missouri  -  Scott G.
Delaware  -  Laura E.
Maryland  -  Christian E.
South Carolina  -  OJ M.
Illinois  -  Suzanna M.

California  -  Jennifer C. / Nikki B. / Wendy Y.
Pennsylvania  -  Chip B. / Wendy Y.
Wisconsin  -  Joe G. / Wendy Y.
Alaska - Marsha C.
Utah - Marsha C. / David E.
Washington - Emily E.
New Jersey - Randy C.
Arizona - Eriza C. 
Texas  -  Sarah K.
Idaho  -  Scott and Elizabeth S.
Oklahoma  -  Koi H. / Ann Y.

Germany  -  Aaron Y.

England  -  Paul K.

Once again, thank you all so very much for journeying with us to bring Ezra home!  Have a wonderful and blessed holiday weekend!

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