Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Movin and Grovin!

Have I mentioned how much fun this States and Countries game is?!!  Okay, latest update, we are at 14 out of 50 states and 1 country!!

And just a quick shout out to our California peeps!  Not only did someone immediately step up for Cali, but we had TWO people represent!!  Oh yeah!  That's how we roll!!  California pride baby! :-D

Kansas  -  Janet Z.
New York  -  Emily L.
Kentucky  -  Micheal L.
Connecticut  -  Reagan H.
Minnesota  -  Tish Y.
Louisiana  -  Dianna G.
Missouri  -  Scott G.
Delaware  -  Laura E.
Maryland  -  Christian E.
South Carolina  -  OJ M.
Illinois  -  Suzanna M.

California  -  Jennifer C. and Nikki B.
Pennsylvania  -  Chip B.
Wisconsin  -  Joe G.

Germany  -  Aaron Y.

So for this next 5 days, we are going to focus on the western states and see how many we can get!  Do you or someone you know live in any of the following states?  Would you consider rep-ing your state by giving $10?  Let's see how many of the western states we can check off!  Ready? GO!!!

~ Washington
~ Oregon
~ Nevada
~ Arizona
~ New Mexico
~ Utah
~ Colorado
~ Wyoming
~ Montana
~ Idaho

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