Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Home Study: Locked and Loaded!

It's official!  Our home study has started!  You know, it's funny how caught up we get in the "step by step" of this process.  So much of the time we are just focusing on what is next or right in front of us.  The whole point of this whole process however is not the paperwork or the money required for it.  The point is Ezra.  When I stop and think of her, when I picture her as a part of our family, it just makes me cry!  While this process can be long, frustrating, and filled with hoops to jump through, SHE is worth it!!!  We cannot wait for the day when we first receive her picture and get to see who she is!  Oh, then the day we get to fly around the world to go and bring her home!  But I think the thought that makes my heart sing the most is the thought of that first family of 5 picture we will take.  She is already so much a part of our family.  It's like there is a piece missing without her.  Whenever we do something as a family now, one of the boys will usually pipe up and say something like "when Ezra is here, we will ........"  Before that day comes though, paperwork and lots of it!  Here we go!

Now for the update on our States and Countries game.  Well, the challenge for the west didn't go over so well.  And, lest you all be wondering how long we can drag this game on for, we have named an end date!  The States and Countries game will officially end on Thanksgiving, two weeks from today.  So, we have decided to pit neighbor against neighbor until then! ;-)  For the next two weeks, let's see which part of the country we can get the most representation from!  Will it be the east, central or western US?  As of now, the central US is ahead with 7 states represented!  The east is right behind them with 6, and the west is represented by 1 state.  Okay, let's see who will win in the end!  (Remember, it is just $10 to represent a state, and you just had to have lived in that state at some point in your life.)

Kansas  -  Janet Z.
New York  -  Emily L.
Kentucky  -  Micheal L.
Connecticut  -  Reagan H.
Minnesota  -  Tish Y.
Louisiana  -  Dianna G.
Missouri  -  Scott G.
Delaware  -  Laura E.
Maryland  -  Christian E.
South Carolina  -  OJ M.
Illinois  -  Suzanna M.

California  -  Jennifer C. and Nikki B.
Pennsylvania  -  Chip B.
Wisconsin  -  Joe G.

Germany  -  Aaron Y.

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