Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

11 of 50!!

Woohoo!!  We're at 11 of 50 states in our states/countries game, and hold on to your hats cause we've got our FIRST COUNTRY!!!!  This is seriously SO much fun!

So, our current stats are as follows:

Kansas  -  Janet Z.
New York  -  Emily L.
Kentucky  -  Micheal L.
Connecticut  -  Reagan H.
Minnesota  -  Tish Y.
Louisiana  -  Dianna G.
Missouri  -  Scott G.
Delaware  -  Laura E.
Maryland  -  Christian E.
South Carolina  -  OJ M.
Illinois  -  Suzanna M.

Germany  -  Aaron Y.

Okay, so far it looks like the east coast and the Midwest are clobbering the rest of the country!  And everything from the Rocky Mountains over is blank!  Where are you westerners?!!  Oh and California, I think if someone doesn't represent you soon, Daniel may go into mourning. ;-)  We still need 39 states, so please keep passing this on, and if you don't see your state represented, feel free to represent!

We found out last week that they have once again closed the Thailand country program to new applicants.  They accepted 20 new families in, and we were one of them!  Now it's just a matter of checking one thing off at a time to get us closer to Ezra!  Our goal this week is to pay for the Home Study and start it and all of the paperwork that goes along with it.  This is a super important step, as we cannot send our paperwork to Thailand or apply for any adoption grants/assistance until we are Home Study approved.

Many of you have asked about Ezra, if we know who she is yet and how old she is.  We won't actually be matched with her and receive her picture for a while yet.  We need to get all of our paperwork in to Thailand before we can be put on the waiting list to be referred a child.  As far as her age, she would be somewhere around birth right now, maybe just before, maybe just after.  She becomes more and more real in our hearts each day and as we do more things in this adoption process.

Thank you all for all of the encouraging notes and texts you have been sending us!  It has completely overwhelmed us how many people think about, pray for and support Ezra and our family.  Thank you for walking this journey with us.

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