Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

11 of 50!!

Woohoo!!  We're at 11 of 50 states in our states/countries game, and hold on to your hats cause we've got our FIRST COUNTRY!!!!  This is seriously SO much fun!

So, our current stats are as follows:

Kansas  -  Janet Z.
New York  -  Emily L.
Kentucky  -  Micheal L.
Connecticut  -  Reagan H.
Minnesota  -  Tish Y.
Louisiana  -  Dianna G.
Missouri  -  Scott G.
Delaware  -  Laura E.
Maryland  -  Christian E.
South Carolina  -  OJ M.
Illinois  -  Suzanna M.

Germany  -  Aaron Y.

Okay, so far it looks like the east coast and the Midwest are clobbering the rest of the country!  And everything from the Rocky Mountains over is blank!  Where are you westerners?!!  Oh and California, I think if someone doesn't represent you soon, Daniel may go into mourning. ;-)  We still need 39 states, so please keep passing this on, and if you don't see your state represented, feel free to represent!

We found out last week that they have once again closed the Thailand country program to new applicants.  They accepted 20 new families in, and we were one of them!  Now it's just a matter of checking one thing off at a time to get us closer to Ezra!  Our goal this week is to pay for the Home Study and start it and all of the paperwork that goes along with it.  This is a super important step, as we cannot send our paperwork to Thailand or apply for any adoption grants/assistance until we are Home Study approved.

Many of you have asked about Ezra, if we know who she is yet and how old she is.  We won't actually be matched with her and receive her picture for a while yet.  We need to get all of our paperwork in to Thailand before we can be put on the waiting list to be referred a child.  As far as her age, she would be somewhere around birth right now, maybe just before, maybe just after.  She becomes more and more real in our hearts each day and as we do more things in this adoption process.

Thank you all for all of the encouraging notes and texts you have been sending us!  It has completely overwhelmed us how many people think about, pray for and support Ezra and our family.  Thank you for walking this journey with us.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

4 Days In...

Well, we're four days in to our 50 states game, and it is off and running!  So far we have 3 of 50 states represented.  They are as follows:

New York  ~  Emily L.
Kentucky  ~  Michael L.
Kansas  ~  Janet Z.

We still have 47 states to go, so if you didn't see your state listed, you can still jump on board!

Okay, that was the update part of this post.  Now on to something even more fun.  As most of you can probably tell I (Nichole) do most of the writing on our blog on behalf of Daniel and myself.  The following however is Daniel...

This is one of my favorite quotes, from a man whose heart burned to see justice for orphans.  A man who didn't just talk-the-talk.  He walked-the-walk.

"I wanted something to live and die for.  I wanted something to breathe and to bleed for.  I'm not interested in trying to figure out ways to make my life safe and preserve my comfort.  I mean I find myself doing that because that's the sinful tendency of the human heart, but I'm fighting against that.  That's one reason why we adopt kind of in a radical way.  I just on purpose set myself up to where I got so much pressure, I gotta run after Jesus.  I just figure if I can outsmart my flesh, and plan ahead to where I'm in crisis and I need God to show up, then I'll make it - plan it out so it's too hard to backslide.  I'm just trying to outsmart the old man that lives inside of me. Which is wisdom.  It's making no provision for the flesh ahead of time."  - Derek Loux

PS... Can I get a brother (or sister) in California to represent?!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Social Media Experiment

Many of you have been asking us how it is going with the increased fee.  Well, it's going, but we're not quite there yet.  We are completely confident that we will have the full amount by the time we need it though!  Thank you all for your continued love, prayers, encouragement and support!  We can not express in words how much you all mean to us!

Okay, so by now you are looking at the title of this post and are wondering, what does all of this have to do with a Social Media Experiment?  Well you are about to find out!  A friend of ours who just recently adopted had this super fun idea for a fundraiser, and they said we could steal it! (Thanks Hatfields!!!)  Below you will see two pictures of maps.  The first is a map of the United States and the second is a map of the world (btw, Titus is pointing to Ezra in Thailand, in case you were wondering).

Here's where the experiment begins.  Our goal is to see if we can get one person from each of the 50 states to donate $10 toward our adoption, and we thought it would be fun to see how many countries we could represent donating $10 as well!  This is going to be fun!!

The rules are as follows:

        1.  You may represent any state or country that you currently live in or have lived in.
        2.  When you donate by either clicking the "donate" button to the right or sending a
             check to the address at the right, please indicate which state or country you are
        3.  Please pass this on!!!

In order to make this a true social media experiment, we need your help!  Would you please pass this blog post on via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc???  Let's see how far we can get this thing!!!

Every 3 to 5 days, we will post pictures of the maps with the pins in them marking the states and countries we are currently representing.  We will also post the names of each person who has donated along with the state or country they are representing.

Here we go!!!  Let's spread this thing!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Please Pray!!!

The entire purpose of this blog entry is to ask you all to please pray!  We knew starting out on this journey to adopt that it would NOT be easy.  We knew that there would be hard things to overcome and push through along the way.  Well, we've come up to the first big thing.

We just found out today that our Home Study fee is going to be double what we thought it would be.  Because our agency does not have a branch office in Colorado, our home study will be done by a local agency who works with ours.  When your home study is done by Holt (our agency), it costs $2,500.  We just found out today that our out of state home study will cost $5,000.  While we were almost at the $2,500, we are no where close to the $5,000.  We need your prayers!

I was reminded yesterday that the Lord has hand picked Ezra to be in our family.  This is a journey that He has put on our hearts to go on, and He has said all along to trust Him, have faith, and keep moving forward.  He will provide.  And I know that is true!

We need to have all of this $5,000 this month at the start of our home study.  Where the rest of the money is coming from, I really couldn't say.  But I do know this.  I have a God who cares about children without a home!  I have a God who moves on behalf of His people!  I have a God who HEARS!!  Would you please bang on the doors of Heaven with us?  Would you ask with us?  And then together, we all can celebrate the answer!!

Thank you, thank you for your prayers, love and support!  We will keep you updated on the miracles as they happen!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Scrubs for Ezra

I have been in SUCH a holiday mood over the past week!  I mean it's the whole deal, playing Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, thinking about gifts I want to give to people I care about.  I just LOVE this time of year!  Okay, okay, so it might be a little early for all of this, but it's been cold in Colorado recently and that always turns my thoughts to the holidays! :-D

So, in keeping with that holiday spirit, we will be selling Arbonne's Awaken Sea Salt Scrub for our next fundraiser through the end of October.  How is that keeping with the holiday theme you ask?  Well, not only is this scrub the BEST we have ever tried, it also makes a PERFECT gift!!

I kid you not when I say that this stuff is magical!  If you suffer from dry skin in the fall and winter, you HAVE to try it!  Looking for the perfect gift for a teacher, boss, co-worker or friend?  Look no further!  This is it!

These scrubs are selling for $35 with 50% of the proceeds going straight toward our adoption!!  So since you are going to be shopping anyway, why not get a head start now?!!  To purchase a scrub, you can either click on the "Donate" button to the right and purchase with a debit or credit card, or you can send a check to the address listed on the right.  Please be sure to indicate how many you would like to purchase, and we will get them right out to you!

Also, if any of you would be willing to pass around some order forms at work or among your friends, please let me know and I'll get a flier and order forms to you!

Operation "Scrubs for Ezra" is now officially under way!  Changing one little girl's life forever, one sea salt scrub at a time!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


And with that one little word, we are official!  That's right, we have been approved and are officially in the Thailand program!  Excuse me for one moment - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!  Just be glad you weren't in the same room as me just now! ;-)

Our next step will be to meet with our home study agency.  Time to do some paperwork!

I can't even tell you how many emotions are running through me right now!  I'm unbelievably excited, a little in shock at how fast it's all happening, scared about all that is ahead, nervous about the money needed, but mostly just ready to do this one step at a time!!  We've been telling people for a year now that we are adopting, and it finally seems real!  We actually ARE adopting!

Every day our little Ezra is in our thoughts and prayers.  She is so embedded into my heart already, and I haven't even seen her face yet!  The boys mention her all of the time.  Just in every day conversation they will say "my sister" and "when Ezra is here".  When Titus draws pictures of his family at school, he puts her in them!  Talk about melting your heart!  We're coming for you sweet girl!  We love you and want you so very, very much!  One more step closer!!