Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Monday, September 24, 2012

It's open!!! It's open!!!!

That's right folks, the country program is open!!!  Our application is in for the Thailand program, and we are officially on our way!!!  In case you couldn't tell by all of the exclamation points, I am SOOOOO excited!!!

So, if you are anything like me, you are sitting there reading this and wondering, "okay, so what does it look like from here?"  Good question!  Once our application has been approved for the Thailand program, we will start our Home Study and paperwork, shortly followed by our Dossier paperwork.  Once all of our paperwork is in and sent to Thailand, we are put on the waiting list to be matched to our little girl!  But first, lots of paperwork and fees!

And speaking of fees, we are doing a celebratory fundraiser!  As a way to celebrate the country program opening and our process officially beginning, we would like to give away a $100 Target Gift Card!!

Iconic Puppy GiftCard
We will do a drawing one week from today on October 1, 2012, and pull the name of the lucky winner!  But you are probably wondering how you get your name in the drawing for this $100 of free goodness!  It's super easy!  A $10 donation will put your name into the drawing one time.  A $20 donation will put it in twice, and so on!  We are hoping to get 100 people to donate $10 each, thus raising $1000!!  Will you please help us?  To donate, simply click on the donate button to the right on this page or mail a check to the address listed on the right of this page.

Thank you a million times over for all of your support, love, prayers, encouragement, financial support and excitement for our family!  We honestly couldn't do this without you all, and we can NOT wait for the day when we get to introduce our Ezra Faith to each and every one of you!  Here we go!!!

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