Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Friday, July 27, 2012

From Colorado

Today marks six weeks for us living in Colorado.  I seriously cannot believe it has been that long!  It seems like we just got here.  I know we have not had any updates for a while, so I wanted to get a quick one out for you all.  We have had quite a lot going on in the Chapman household during this move, so life has not been dull!

Sadly, no word from our adoption agency this quarter, which means one more quarter to wait.  The next chance for us to get in on the Thailand program will be in October.  Now some of you may be reading this and thinking, "You guys are crazy.  There are tons of kids out there.  Just go adopt one!"  But, like I said in a previous post, every family is different.  Our hearts are for Asia, and we do not feel led to pursue another country at this time.  Actually, God really does know what He is doing!  There is so much unsettled right now for us, that had the agency called and said "go" in July, it would have been a bit more then we could handle.  He just keeps directing our hearts and it is such a safe place to be.  I mean, we didn't receive a call in April, but at that time we found out about Daniel's new job in Colorado.  So, we got to move and didn't have to pay additional fees to update!  Then we didn't get a call in July, but we are already stretched so thin and have quite a bit to figure out, that it would have caused more stress instead of joy to jump into the paperwork now.  This way, we get to get all of our circumstances around here settled, and then get the joy of jumping in to our paperwork and journey in a few months!

Our hearts are never far from our little girl though.  We now have a room ready for her in our new place, and every time I walk past it, my heart pulls for a sweet little dark haired, dark eyed little one who will fill that empty room.  We even refer to that room as "Ezra's room".  :-)

Ah, my sweet little one, we will be coming for you, and until that day gets here, we will be praying for you every day and counting the days until you are home.  There is a place in our home and our hearts that can only be filled by our Ezra Faith.  We'll keep you posted on our journey!