Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Longing for a Face We've Never Seen

It is amazing how much your heart can ache and long for someone that you have never seen before.  This little girl has never been in our family, and yet it feels as though there is a void without her.  The boys talk about her all of the time.  In every day conversation they will just mention their sister, and Titus has a question almost daily about "Baby Ezra".  He is very excited that he will finally be bigger then someone! :-)

We are just taking this process one step at a time.  If you start looking too far ahead, it can make you discouraged or anxious for more to happen quicker.  Instead, we just keep asking, what is the very next step?  What do we need to focus on right now?

The answer to those questions are two things.  The first is our upcoming garage sale!  We have set the date for the Kansas City garage sale for May 4th and 5th.  And my word have you all been generous!!  Our garage is filling so quickly with stuff for the sale!  Thank you, thank you for your support and stuff!! :-)  If you are still wanting to donate things but haven't yet, never fear!  We will be collecting more things this weekend and next.  Just message me and let me know that you have something for us, and we'll set up a time to come and get it.

The second thing on our right now list to do was to check in with our adoption agency and see how the process was looking.  When we talked with them, we found out that not enough families had been matched with children from this last quarter's waiting list, so they cannot open the program to more families yet.  They will receive another list of children to match with waiting families in June and hope to match enough families then to be able to accept more families in to the program in July.  Part of me was so disappointed to hear this news, since it delays our process a few months.  But God really does know what He is doing!  Earlier this month Daniel received two job offers in Denver, Colorado, and our family will be moving to the Denver area in June.  We will be completely settled in our new home by the time we are accepted into the Thailand program and we won't have to re-do any paperwork!  Plus we will be getting a bigger home with a room for Ezra (right now we live in a two bedroom townhouse)!  I'm going to try to restrain myself from completely decorating her room the minute we are in the house, but no promises! :-)

So we are a couple of steps closer to little Miss Ezra!  We are so blessed and overwhelmed by the love and support of you all as well!!  Words cannot even express how much God is showing up and through you all!  We have SO many giving items for garage sales or sending checks in the mail just wanting to help with the process or buying Faith Bands.  God is so behind this you guys!!  It is simply happening!!  There is no striving or anxiety in it!  He is moving!!  So while my heart may be longing for a sweet little face and my arms aching to hold a precious girl, I will rest in the fact that we are in the right place and that God is guiding us to her.  But I'm warning you all right now, any pictures taken the day we meet that precious girl WILL show me crying and blubbering all over the place!!  Now - on to the next step!

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