Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ready, Set.........

We're just waiting for the "Go"!!!!  We are SO excited about what God is doing, we can't even stand it!!

Okay, update time - not only have we reached our initial goal to start the paperwork, we are about $2000 away from the entire Phase 1 goal of $6700!!!!!  So crazy awesome!!  We'll be having a couple of garage sales here and in California within the next couple of months, and our goal is to meet the rest of what is needed for the $6700 and then go beyond!

We are just so crazy blessed you guys!!  You, our friends and family, have knocked our socks off!!  And I'm not just talking about financially (but you have floored us with that!!).  It means so much to us when we get random emails, texts, facebook comments, and in person comments, asking about how it's going or encouraging us!  Thank you, thank you for coming along side us!!  We love you all SO!!

And the Faith Bands!!  Oh man, to see people in person and see them wearing theirs, or see the pictures you guys are sending us with yours on!  It's not about the faith band.  To us, it says "we're for you!".  Thank you guys!  In case you are wondering, yes we do still have faith bands left.  If you were really wanting to get some, never fear, you still can!  :-)

So now we are just waiting for the "Go".  As soon as we get that phone call from our adoption agency saying that the program is ready for more applicants, we hit the ground running!!  And we're ready!  We'll keep you all posted on the latest and greatest as we hear more!

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  1. God is good and I'm so thrilled (I know I tell you that all the time :). Love you and can't wait to see this through!!