Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dream Big or Go Home!!

"You gotta have faith, faith, faith..."  That George Michael song has been in my head for days!  I can't seem to get it out, but only that one line!  What does that have to do with adoption?  Well, nothing.  We have just been talking a lot about faith recently, thus the song.

And speaking of faith, it has been five days since my last post and in that amount of time our goal has shrunk considerably!!  Drum roll please.......ladies and gentlemen, we are now only $775 away from our goal!!!!!!  We are just simply undone by the love and support you all have and are showering on us!  Thank you just doesn't seem a big enough phrase to say to you all, but we thank you SO much!!

God has been telling us over and over again, that if He is behind something, we CANNOT fail!  Sometimes when you look at those big goals though, your faith and confidence waivers a bit.  But what voice are we listening to at those times, God's voice of truth or the enemy's lies?  Don't let those lies steal your joy and peace, your confidence in that fact that God IS who He says He is!!  If God says climb, that mountain IS climbable!  Will it all be smooth sailing and easy to accomplish?  Um, it's a MOUNTAIN!!  Of course it's not going to be easy!  It will be a fight at times, there will be lessons to learn along the way, but there will also be times of great joy and victory!  And the end reward is worth the effort, the sweat, the tears, the prayers.  The end result is two-fold, one little girl who is getting the chance to be restored to being a member of a loving family with endless possibilities open to her for her to live to the full potential of who she was made to be, and the dreams and longings of our own hearts being awakened and realizing that we were made to be extraordinary!  We were made to make a difference!!

We are so excited to see what is next on this journey!  Thank you all once again, for partnering with us on our journey!

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