Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ready, Set.........

We're just waiting for the "Go"!!!!  We are SO excited about what God is doing, we can't even stand it!!

Okay, update time - not only have we reached our initial goal to start the paperwork, we are about $2000 away from the entire Phase 1 goal of $6700!!!!!  So crazy awesome!!  We'll be having a couple of garage sales here and in California within the next couple of months, and our goal is to meet the rest of what is needed for the $6700 and then go beyond!

We are just so crazy blessed you guys!!  You, our friends and family, have knocked our socks off!!  And I'm not just talking about financially (but you have floored us with that!!).  It means so much to us when we get random emails, texts, facebook comments, and in person comments, asking about how it's going or encouraging us!  Thank you, thank you for coming along side us!!  We love you all SO!!

And the Faith Bands!!  Oh man, to see people in person and see them wearing theirs, or see the pictures you guys are sending us with yours on!  It's not about the faith band.  To us, it says "we're for you!".  Thank you guys!  In case you are wondering, yes we do still have faith bands left.  If you were really wanting to get some, never fear, you still can!  :-)

So now we are just waiting for the "Go".  As soon as we get that phone call from our adoption agency saying that the program is ready for more applicants, we hit the ground running!!  And we're ready!  We'll keep you all posted on the latest and greatest as we hear more!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dream Big or Go Home!!

"You gotta have faith, faith, faith..."  That George Michael song has been in my head for days!  I can't seem to get it out, but only that one line!  What does that have to do with adoption?  Well, nothing.  We have just been talking a lot about faith recently, thus the song.

And speaking of faith, it has been five days since my last post and in that amount of time our goal has shrunk considerably!!  Drum roll please.......ladies and gentlemen, we are now only $775 away from our goal!!!!!!  We are just simply undone by the love and support you all have and are showering on us!  Thank you just doesn't seem a big enough phrase to say to you all, but we thank you SO much!!

God has been telling us over and over again, that if He is behind something, we CANNOT fail!  Sometimes when you look at those big goals though, your faith and confidence waivers a bit.  But what voice are we listening to at those times, God's voice of truth or the enemy's lies?  Don't let those lies steal your joy and peace, your confidence in that fact that God IS who He says He is!!  If God says climb, that mountain IS climbable!  Will it all be smooth sailing and easy to accomplish?  Um, it's a MOUNTAIN!!  Of course it's not going to be easy!  It will be a fight at times, there will be lessons to learn along the way, but there will also be times of great joy and victory!  And the end reward is worth the effort, the sweat, the tears, the prayers.  The end result is two-fold, one little girl who is getting the chance to be restored to being a member of a loving family with endless possibilities open to her for her to live to the full potential of who she was made to be, and the dreams and longings of our own hearts being awakened and realizing that we were made to be extraordinary!  We were made to make a difference!!

We are so excited to see what is next on this journey!  Thank you all once again, for partnering with us on our journey!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So You Want to Adopt...

This process has been SO different then I had always imagined.  In my mind, we would walk into an adoption agency, letting them know we would like to adopt, and they would be practically jumping on us with excitement because they are so desperate for families.  I mean after all, you hear all of these statistics of the millions of orphans across the globe that need someone.  Wouldn't it stand to reason that they need millions of families to love and care for these millions of orphans?  Well, they do.  However, the process to adopt is a lot more particular then you might think.  There are so many rules, regulations, and requirements that you must meet, and they vary by country.

For the past three weeks, we have been applying to different country programs and finding that they are not one size fits all.  Now every family is different, and what may be on one family's heart to do, is not on another.  For us, we have a heart for Asia.  We are wanting to adopt our little girl though one of the Asian programs.  Again, not as easy as you may think.  We first applied to the China Program.  We were turned down flat by one agency, so we went to another.  They were super helpful and tried everything they could to get us to qualify, but bottom line is that we just do not own enough stuff.  China is the only country that requires a minimum salary and net worth for adopting families, and we just didn't meet it.  The second country program we tried was Korea.  This program is wonderful, it just wasn't a fit for us since you cannot pick whether you would like to adopt a boy or a girl.  They pick for you.  Which brings us to where we are now ~ Thailand.  We met all requirements for Thailand and we can request a girl, since we have two boys already.  We are currently on the waiting list to adopt from Thailand.  They are estimating that the official process will start in March.

So what does that mean?  Where does that currently put us in the adoption process?

Well, as soon as we get the call from our agency, we hit the ground running!!  ALL of the paperwork starts!  And by paperwork I mean the Home Study and Dossier.  We have to be ready to run when they call!

As a result, we have a goal for the next 30 days, to raise $1550 through our fundraisers.  This amount will complete what we need to apply to the country and cover the home study fee.

Remember those "Faith Bands"??

If we can sell the remainder of our faith bands, we will raise the rest of the money needed for the start of our paperwork!  A BIG thank you to all of our friends and family who have already purchased some!!!  Your support of us is overwhelming!  We have currently sold 115 faith bands.  We have 485 left.  Would you help us?  Would you partner with us on our journey?  Would you spread the word to your family and friends?  The dark blue adult band is $3.50 and the light blue child band is $2.50.

It is our goal to sell all 485 remaining faith bands by February 29th.  To place your order for your faith bands, simply go the right of this page and click on the "Donate" button.  Be sure to indicate how many faith bands you would like and what sizes.  OR  send a check with your order to the address listed at the right of this page.  OR  send us an email directly letting us know how many you would like.

Thank you all for your love and support of our family and our little Ezra Faith!!