Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ezra Faith Chapman

That is her.  That is the name that is imprinted on our hearts.  We haven't physically seen her sweet little face yet, but soon.

I am finding so many similarities between adoption and pregnancy.  It's so crazy!  This stage feels very much like when you are around the 20 week mark and you get your ultra-sound and find out - "it's a girl!".  We know we will be having a girl and even have her name picked out, but there is still some more waiting to be done before we get to put a sweet face with that name!

Why Ezra Faith?  Well, Ezra means helper.  All of our children have names that match their God-given personalities, and Ezra will be no different!  She will be strong and courageous with a heart that runs to help.  Her middle name "Faith" comes straight from what God has been teaching us through the adoption process.  Humanly, none of this is possible.  Now we could "pretend" that we've got it all under control and strive to make it all happen in our own power, but that just brings destruction, stress, anxiety, fear and anger.  No, that is not what God is calling us to.  Nor is He asking us to get all of our "ducks in a row" so that this whole process runs smoother and easier.  No, He is asking us to move forward, to take action steps.  That is faith, choosing to believe Him when He says "go".  We don't have this whole thing figured out, but He does.  It is part of our story.  So, our sweet little one will have a sort of memorial stone in her name.  Her name will always remind us and our kids of the difference between Faith and Unbelief.

Along with this theme of faith, comes our next fundraiser!  Below you will see a picture of "Faith Bands".  We had these specially made for this fundraiser.  Our hope and prayer is that if you choose to partner with us and purchase one of these faith bands, every time you look down at your wrist and see it, it will remind you not only to pray for us and our little one, but that it would also remind you to choose faith, to choose to believe!!

The dark blue band is the adult size and we are selling these bands for $3.50 each.  The multi-blue band is child size and these bands are $2.50 each.  To participate in this fundraiser to help us bring our little Ezra Faith home, simply either click on the "donate" button to the right of this post or send a check to the address listed at the right of this post.  Be sure to include the address you would like your bands sent to and how many you would like to purchase.  Thank you SO much for partnering with us on our journey!!