Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Story

Fourteen years ago this December, it all began.  Two highschool sweethearts tied the knot and the journey began. 

Daniel and I have always had a heart for adoption.  As a little girl, my heart was always moved by the orphan.  I would watch shows like "Anne of Green Gables" and "Annie" and think, "I would love those little girls!"  One of my heros growing up was Amy Carmichael, a single woman who helped many orphans in India.  Even as a small girl, I longed to love and help children who had no one loving them.

When Daniel and I started talking about having a family, we discussed possibly not even having biological children and simply adopting to add to our family.  In the end, I really wanted to experience pregnancy and childbirth at least once - enter Mr. Joseph Chapman.  Our sweet little Joey was born October 7th in 2003.  My pregnancy and delivery were very rough, but oh the love for that little man!!  It was worth it!  Since my pregnancy and delivery had been hard, we had decided that we would add our next child to our family through adoption.

When Joey was two years old, we looked into starting the adoption process.  Through various means, God had put adopting a little girl from China on our hearts, so we pursued that.  However, we found out that we were too young.  I was 27 and Daniel 29, and we were told that both parents needed to be over 30.  By now, Joey was approaching three years old, and we didn't want a huge age gap between him and our next child.  So, we took a leap of faith and trusted God that another pregnancy would work out better then the first - enter Mr. Titus Chapman.  Oh my little chubby man!  God answered our prayers and my second pregnancy and delivery went beautifully!!  Titus was born on August 6th in 2007.  We now had two sweet little boys to love and raise!

Less then a year later, we knew that God was calling our family to move from California where my husband had been born and raised, and I had spent most of my life.  He was leading us to Kansas City.  We took our two small boys ages 4 and 10 months, and we moved 1500 miles from all of our family and friends.  We knew one family in Kansas City, and we thank the Lord for them!  That chapter in our life, after our move, is quite long although it took place in a very short period.  There is too much to say about this time, so I will try to sum it up with this - God used that time to heal us and restore us.  It was hard and many lessons came with tears, but oh the joy of restoration!!  We are freely walking out who God made us to be!

No, I haven't forgotten that this is an adoption story, I promise!  This all played a big part in leading us to this point - the official start of our adoption journey!  Oh the joy that leaps in my heart as I even write those words!!  Finally!  The dream of my heart is about to become a reality!  In October of 2011, we met with an adoption agency and officially started the process to adopt a little girl!  This blog is the story of our journey from the United States to Asia where our little one is waiting for us.  Thank you for joining us along the way!

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